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About Us


Maka Technologies Group – A leader in consumer electronics with a wide range of focused products from GPS navigation, car in-vehicle camera, sports camera and energy-saving power products. With our humble establishment in Singapore in 2007, it had extended its wings to Johor Bahru in 2008 and later a presence in China in 2010, Kuala Lumpur and California, USA in 2014 by establishing distribution offices with an effort to extend our services to customer worldwide. The company has thus transformed into a leading company that provides a considerable range of products in consumer electronics and enrich experience in providing fleet management solution – WhoTrackMe.

Today Maka Technologies Group’s business covers Europe, United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and other regions, including our own branded products (Marbella) in the Asia Pacific region.

Maka Technologies Group is specialise at:

  • Military, national defense application/solution integration
  • Channel marketing/Distribution/Wholesales of Personal Navigation Device (PND)
  • Production of Car Navigator & Leading IT Products such as MID
  • Research & Development, continuous innovation & product development.
  • OEM/ODM of Portable GPS Product(Tracker, Portable GPS, Andorid GPS/MID)
  • Corporate Fleet Management (GSM/GPS/GPRS) Tracking
  • GPS solution integration

Our Network and Subsidiaries

Maka’s most priority is to ensure that our customers’ business goals are supported by our end-to-end solutions. Through mergers and acquisitions, we are able to expand our spectrum of IT and communication engineering services. Our subsidiaries allow us to extend our geographical presence in the region, enabling us to better support our customers.

To date, Maka Technologies Group has over 4 subsidiaries, covering a range of navigation-related services from fleet management to consumer electronics with 3 well-known home grown brand – Marbella/Curve/MaxPower.

Our Group will continue to invest in related businesses, rather than seek to diversify outside of the Global Positioning System (GPS) industry. We are proud to introduce Maka’ main subsidiaries – Maka GPS Technologies Re. Ltd. (Singapore), Maka GPS Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (Johor Bahru), Maka GPS Technologies (KL) Sdn. Bhd. and Maka Technologies Group Co., Limited (H.K.).

With more than 30 professionals serving across 4 nations, Maka aims to deliver a one stop solution for your navigational needs or corporate tracking solution with our experience and professional experience.