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Chief Executive – Ronny Prananto


CEO’s background

Ronny Prananto is the CEO and Co-founder of Maka Technologies Holdings Group. He has been actively involved in the strategic development community for over a decade and is one of the leading entrepreneur on IT/eCommerce development and Global Positioning System (GPS) solution.

Mr. Prananto has senior experience in successfully bringing start-up companies and divisions across Indonesia, Singapore and China. He has successfully fulfilled such roles at Bestland Pte. Ltd. (Land Development). Ronny has a degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneur) from RMIT University.

Prior to founding Maka Technologies Holdings Group in 2007, Mr. Prananto worked in many local and overseas embassy and hold a senior level managerial position in a Multi-National Corporation.

Mr. Prananto has extensive experience in governmental and charity organisations in South East Asia and internationally. He has worked at a senior leadership level in management, policy development and administration.

CEO’s Message in 2016

Success is about people, about you, our valued customers; I would like to thank you for your continued support and loyalty who along with our dedicated team drive the growth and success of our brand. We always aim to stay ahead of technologies in the consumer electronic industry.

At Maka, we have closed FY2014 on a high note and I strongly believe that customer and the success of our product extension was mostly the key of our success in FY2014 but we will continue to focus much more on our new product line in the upcoming new fiscal year.

We are well adopted to the infusion of technologies and no longer limited ourselves in the navigational industry even though the demand is still well generating. We constantly coming out with new products and today we have 3 significant brand under our group – Marbella, Curve and MaxPower.

Retail portfolio today has grown further regionally and Maka owns one of the widest retail portfolio channel in the industry. The key success of this penetration comes from decisive management, market analytics, planning and forecasting, discovery and exploration, business intelligence, predictive analytics, information integration among subsidiaries.

On behalf of Maka Technologies Group, I deeply appreciated on the efforts and sincerity in the recent success of Marbella QB5/QB6 DVR launch. This is our new product extension after the launch of our demanded Marbella MX series since May 2013 from Singapore.

This success does not come from any individual but I was really pleased to see each individual put extra miles to work hand on hand in achieving this record breaking numbers. From production arrangement, logistics, marketing, cashier and after sales support, I must conclude the success of FY2013 specially with your great effort especially those of you who has stayed firmly in your position despite many other influential factor and those of you who stepped out of your job scope to complement our shortage in other field.

FY2014 is an exciting year ahead not just in our greater market anticipation align with our new product and line expansion, we also wish to stretch our growth humbly in the region.

We have appointed PT. USAHA CERDAS as an exclusive distributor in marketing Marbella products in Indonesia and their marketing channel will be covering all states of Indonesia with an exclusive distributor from 28th May 2014.

Our new market penetration in Malaysia also has grown humbly with a stronger distribution network marketed by our team in Kuala Lumpur. We are confident on the increasing number of our business activities in Kuala Lumpur and aiming to serve wider and broader network in Malaysia. Our current channel presence cover cross 6 states in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malacca, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu) and the numbers are growing gradually. We could never walked this far without our dedication of resources and experience sharing among each of the subsidiaries.

FY2014 is very much focus on the expansion of product and new business lines, besides our focus on GPS, DVR, Fleet Management Solution and upcoming sports/lifestyle product, we also wish to concentrate on online trading. The new business arm will continue to surge overall group revenue by leveraging on our strong footage in sourcing from China and United States of America.

Overall, we expect FY2015 will be another strong year for us. Our proven path in humble growth, and we are confident it will keep us on that path going forward.

Thank you everyone for your effort in our growth.


Group President & CEO


Ronny Prananto
Singapore Headquarter
June 2016