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Teltonika FM2200 - Made in EU

Teltonika FM2200

Probably the smallest AVL terminal in the world

FM2200 is able to perform monitoring on remote objects equipment, such as engine, truck doors' and other digital sensors status.
In case of loosing connection FM2200 can store up to 15000 records, and once the connection is established the device will send stored data via GPRS. So you will not lose your data (coordinates, sensors data and etc.).

  • Car security/tracking
  • Parametrized operation (acquire & send)
  • ALARM button
  • Online tracking
  • Geo-fence
  • Motion sensor
  • Low energy consumption in sleep mode
Technical Details
  • GSM
  • Dual-band 900/1800 MHz
  • GPRS class 10 (up to 85,6 kbps)
  • SMS (text/data)
  • GPS
  • NMEA, GGA, GGL, GSA, GSV, RMC, WGS-84 protocol compatible
  • More then 49 channel GPS receiver
  • Sensitivity: not less then -160dBm
  • Accuracy: < 3 m CEP
  • 2 digital inputs(for door opening monitoring, panic button or other digital sensors)
  • 2 pins for power supply can measure vehicle battery voltage (analog) and (in most cases) engine start (generated higher voltage on vehicle's battery)
  • Virtual (Data) inputs:
  • driven distance (GPS odometer);
  • vehicle speed monitoring
  • 2 Digital Outputs
  • Power supply +10V...+30V
  • 3 Status LEDs
  • USB Port
  • Configuration and firmware upload
  • Internal GSM antenna
  • External GPS antenna

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